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It was great helping to start an educational project where the teachers and scientists would build up free contents and share or combine it them in classes. The multimedia oriented information would be moderated by renowned referees. 

This was a terrific opportunity to build a project from the scratch and being involved in different phases: the naming, the visual identity, content strategy, UX and wireframes till the visual design. Here you can find the visual identity and the proposed templates.

Visual Identity

Both, the name and the couple heads talk about the humanity accumulated knowledge and the curiosity for the future and the unknown.


Digital logotype

Since this was a digital focused project, the logotype was based un screen size references. 


Colour palette

Yellow is commonly associated with reason and optimism. 

Identidad 07.gif


While in the generic logotype appears the tag line. That space is reserve for the different knowledge subjects when a more specific application is needed. And the heads shape mask the imagery illustrating the subject.

Identidad 05.png
Identidad 06.png
Identidad 07.png
Identidad 08.png

User interface

The main challenge were two: creating an structure flexible enough to hold a really complex content hierarchy and a confortable space to read and explore the multimedia content.



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